What Is a Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you finding the keyboard shortcuts for your chrome keyboard shortcuts? So, you are in the right place. Here is the list of keyboard shortcuts of chrome browser.

Many people did not know about the shortcuts provided by chrome. So, here is the complete list of all keyboard shortcuts for chrome.

Shortcuts About Tabs

Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl + PgDn

Switch to the next tabs
Ctrl + Shift + tShortcut for last closed tab
Ctrl + tFor creating a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + nOpen a new iconic browser
Ctrl + nFor creating a new window
Ctrl + Shift + qQuite or close chrome
Alt + Space + xShortcut to maximize active window
Alt + Space + nShortcut to minimize the active window
Ctrl + Shift + wClose the active windows
Ctrl + w

Ctrl + F4

Close the active tab
Alt + Right arrowShortcut to open next page through your browser’s history
Alt + Left arrowOpen the previous page through your browser’s history
Alt + HomeShortcut to open home page on an active tab
Ctrl + 9Go to the last tab
Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 8Switch between specific tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Ctrl + PgUp

Switch to previous tabs

Features of Google Chrome

Shift + Alt + tSet focus on the first page on chrome toolbar
Shift + EscOpen chrome task manager
Ctrl + jOpen download tab
Ctrl + hOpen the history tab
Ctrl + Shift + oShortcut to open bookmark bar
Ctrl + Shift + bVisible or hide bookmark bar
Alt + f

Alt + e

F10 + Enter

Open chrome menu
Alt + Shift + iShortcut to open feedback tab
Ctrl + Shift + mSwitch to different users
F1Open help center to the new tab
Ctrl + Shift + DeleteShortcut to open clear browsing data
Ctrl + Shift + j or F12Shortcut to open developer tool
Ctrl + Shift + gSwitch previously to the find search bar
Ctrl + gSwitch next to the find search bar
Ctrl + f


Search on active page
F6Switch between focus and unfocus
F10Set focus on the last page on chrome toolbar

Chrome Advance Keyword Shortcuts

Ctrl + dSave your active page as a bookmark
Ctrl + uOpen particular page’s source code
Ctrl + o + Select a fileShortcut to open my computer
Shift + TabMoving backward
TabMoving forward
EscStop while loading the page
Shift + F5

Ctrl + Shift + r

Refresh page without cache
F5 or Ctrl + rRefresh page
Ctrl + sSave the active tab
Ctrl + pPrint the active tab or page
HomeGo to the top of the home page
EndGo to the top of the end page
Shift + Space


Scroll up on page


Scroll down on page
Ctrl + 0Go back to your page original size
Ctrl and –Zoom out
Ctrl and +Zoom in
F11Switch between full-screen
Ctrl + Shift + dShortcut to save all bookmark on a new folder

Above all the shortcuts provides great works and save your valuable time. You can use this shortcuts for your all operating system no matter which operating system.

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