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DotVPN download

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You want to download dotVPN ? Let’s talk about it’s amazing features which you need to know about before download it.

DotVPN provides up to 700+ VPN servers with each one gives high speed internet connectivity and provides UN-metered bandwidth.

Device And Extension Information

DotVPN is an extension so you can install it on your chrome browser easily and also theirs provides theirs extension various platforms. Such as chrome, Mozilla Firefox and opera browser.

So you can easily install that in your browser no matter which operating system you use it for. Also gives application for your android and iOS devices.

No-Log Policy

They also clarify at theirs websites they not log your information and not share anyone for theirs profit then clarify your data will be stored if you connected through dotVPN after disconnected your information will be deleted by theirs data base.

End-to-End Encryption

You all knows about your data not secure when you connected through public WiFi. Such as coffee shop, hotel, restaurants and airports and more.

Your data can easily be stolen so dotVPN take care of you and provides 4096-Bit Key encryption feature. Which can help you to protect you from that types of data theft processes when you connected through public WiFi.


DotVPN provides best user interface so easily understand by the user just one click and then you connected to secure connection.

And also gives the ultra fast connection for theirs premium subscribers so you no need to worry about your downloading, uploading, live streaming and more types of activity. Because the high speed VPN connection never go down your activity.

Firewall Protection

And if you get theirs dotVPN premium then you get additional feature called cloud firewall protection. Which is more important feature.

Also gives block ads feature which help you to stop ads which come from websites, unwanted apps which provides that ads and block all that. You can also check out more VPN services which offers more this types of VPN service click here.

Money Back-Guarantee

Also dotVPN premium gives theirs user to money-back guarantee if users not satisfy theirs services. And if theirs technical team not solve theirs problems so in a 30 days user can filled theirs refund form and can apply. And if you want to know more about theirs refund policy so can click here.

If you want to buy :- $2.99 per month ( View Current Plans )

DotVPN download

Chrome                       :- Click Here

Firefox                         :- Click Here

Opera                           :- Click Here

Download For Android     :-  Click Here

Download For iOS                :- Click Here


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