How To Uninstall Programs on Windows 10

Here in the article, We’ll go to show you how to uninstall programs in Windows 10.

In the windows 10, You delete or uninstall an application in windows 10. There are three ways to uninstall an application for Windows 10.

This three method gives a guide to how you can easily uninstall apps. Through the control panel, setting and start menu.

Uninstall Through Control Panel

The first method is easy and the first method. You can use for while you uninstall programs application software in a computer.

Click on search → Type Control Panel → Go To Program → Click On Programs And Features

how to uninstall programs on windows 10

After the open program and feature then you can find. Which you want to uninstall then just select and right click. And uninstall that particular software/Application.

This is the method which works on all the windows operating system. You can use it on your all windows operating system. Such as Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and later.

You can directly search and remove which you want to uninstall from your computer.

How To Uninstall Application on Windows 10

how to uninstall programs on windows 10

First, You need to click on the start button then click on setting.

Start → Setting → System → Apps & Features

After the open setting, you need to system setting. In the system, setting click on the apps & features.

In the apps & features, You can scroll down and find which you want to remove uninstall the app. The picture, you can see how to uninstall the particular application on your windows operating system.

Uninstall Through Start Menu

how to uninstall apps on windows 10

Start → Right Click → Uninstall

The last and easy method is through the start menu. Just click on the start menu and right click on which you want to uninstall. After the right-click 3 option which pop-up through that app and as the picture above you can see the 3 options which are Pin to start, More and Uninstall. You can simply click on uninstall that application through the start menu.

You can see all the apps into your operating system. And easy to uninstall the application without going to the control panel or setting menu. This is the best ways to uninstall. And also a fast way to remove application software.

This is the all the 3 method which help you to uninstall an application in your windows 10.


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