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My VPN is compatible with all your device and gives high performance and not slow-down your devices such as windows, android, mac-OS, and iPhone/iPad.

You know when you at the coffee shop and on a public WiFi network is not secure and someone can easily theft your information because a public network is not secure and if you doing something that it will pass through another device so my VPN provides multi-layer encryption on your data and gives secure connection. Spybot windows 10.

VPN Protocol Provided By My VPN

My VPN gives full support for L2TP/IP-Sec, PPTP, OpenVPN and also their private MIMIC SSL Protocol service.

It’s easy to use VPN and all the options on the application and provides the good user interface which can easy to understand all function by all users.

VPN server uses their services in all the devices such as windows, mac, Android and more. My VPN also gives router connectivity so if you connect and secure your router then you no need to install applications in your other devices and secure your device one by one. When you connected through WiFi then it will protect your device’s feature called router connectivity.

What About Customer Support?

It gives you only 2 ways to contact such as call or email systems. If you choose the email contact then it will contact you under 24 hours and another way is they provide call service which is on their official website.

Is not a just a VPN but it provides API ( Application program interface ) which gives you WHMCS- based billing software and also gives accounting system which helps you to your business.

After the posting their services then it will give their full service supports to your account.


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