Slimware Driver Update

Slimware Driver Update

Slimware Driver Update

It provides cloud-based technology feature which provides you to your PC update your drivers in fast and helps you to update your drivers.

Quick Scan

Also, theirs provides fast scan which means you no need to worry about how much time it takes for scanning your drivers and find their update. That provides fast and safe scanning which provides a possible quick scan for users which take less time for scanning for updates.

Scan & Install

It provides a feature called scan & Installs which help you to provides fast quick scan and find their possible update for all installed drivers in your computer and find and then update their particular driver update.

User-Friendly Interface

It gives a user-friendly interface which helps you to understand all options. Also, you can download and install their services. Such as windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista and Windows XP operating system.

They provide you the free services which provide a fast (quick) scan. Also gives set date to set a schedule for updating drivers manually. Which help you so you can decide which date or week you want to scan and install updates. Also, it maintains your PC’s stability.

Automatically Download Drivers

And then another side which paid services for Slimware Driver Update. Which gives you to the main feature called automatically download the driver which gives you automatic download your drivers and other feature as well as which provides for free services.

What About Support Free VS Paid?

Their free software gives only email support system and if you want to buy their paid services. Which cost $29.97 per year gives two ways to support you such as email support and chat support. Slimware driver update two provides good support if you have a problem buy as chat support you get an instant answer and other side email support which take time for your answer. And also premium support gives you a fast support system.

Price of Slimware Driver Update

Basically, theirs provides three types of plans which known as basic, standard and lifetime. Basic plans start from only $1.66 for the month and if you choose their 12 months plan then you get offers.

Also, their lifetime plans give you to add more than 5 devices at the same lifetime subscription and give all devices lifetime services. That’s really helpful plans if you buy it with your five plans and get an unlimited lifetime subscription.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Slimware driver update gives to their paid users to it will get the 60-day money back guarantee if their service not good or their technical team can’t solve your technical errors or more. Then you will get you your money back you can also check out their refund policy click here.

If you want to download their free latest update software then theirs download link below this paragraph.


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