Avast Passwords Review & Rating By Experts

You want to review the avast passwords review for your operating system or want to information about their features. So here we cover it all and provide you the best information as possible.

Nowadays many platforms are there and how many passwords you can remember and how many types you type that passwords, credit card, debit card, address details again and again.

What About Avast Passwords Review


Also in daily life, you need to save your password by changing it from time to time. And also if you can’t add the same passwords in all your social media, shopping sites and more then you can’t remember all of that password and logins.

And any time you depend on a forget password o here is the solution which helps you to ride this problem.

If you worry about to enter your password and want auto filled service and also secure you’re all information.

Such as debit card, credit card information then you need to install avast passwords extension.

Which help you to remember all of the logins and all information which you need to fill automatically.

How to Install Avast Passwords?

In this Avast Passwords Review, you get how to install it. Here is the simple but you need to know about how you can install because if you have no idea how to install avast passwords.

The first and important while you going to install it you need to install first avast free antivirus after that you can add this extension useable.

So, if you going to install it then it gives to their official website and gives you the suggestion to install first theirs avast free antivirus after that you will able to use this extension.

Without their antivirus software, you can’t install it.

You can also check out an alternative.

So, the step is simple.

  • First, go and download and install Avast free antivirus.
  • Then go to theirs avast passwords extensions and install them.

After the above steps before you can get it through their software.

You just need to open their Antivirus Application → Privacy → Avast Passwords.

Browser Extensions for Chrome, Firefox & Avast Secure Browser


After that process, you will need to select the activate in google chrome. In this Avast Passwords review which helps you to directly install in on your chrome browser extension and also called a direct download link of avast passwords.

It will automatically start downloading and just you need to click on add extension. And then it automatically adds on your google chrome browser as an extension.

After that successfully installed on your browser now step back and go on the avast password application and start installing another on which is the Mozilla Firefox which you need to add an extension on firefox also for better help.

Same process for install add-ons which you installed in google chrome browser.

More About Avast Passwords Review

In the section browser integration in which you can see above the picture provides 3 main browsers.
Which is you can use avast passwords in the browser? Such as google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and their own browser called avast secure browser.

Which is automatically installed when you install theirs avast free antivirus.

This above picture in this review of the avast passwords review in showing in which you can now able to use only these three browser to use this service.

But is you are opera users then in future you can get it for your opera and another browser.

It also gives one time save your password so you no need to put it on manually save your password on a different browser.

You can simply save that password at one place and it will save your password and you no need to go to the particular browser and save it for use later.

You can save your logins, passwords also your debit card & credit card information without worry about their privacy.

And if you worry about your privacy then read below paragraphs.

Sync & Backup By Avast Passwords

As the above picture shows you which you find in the Sync & backup section in their application. In which you can sync your data.


Such as your login information, address information, credit card information and debit card details.
Which you can sync all of your devices no matter which device you have you just need to sign in to that device through your avast id.

And forget which device you have and sync your all private information to your devices such as Windows, Mac, iPhone/ iPad, and Android devices.

And if you worry about their encryption? Then you check out the above picture and see they give you AES-256 encryption.

So you no need to worry about your security and also don’t worry if your device stalled by theft. You can turn on that all the services.

Such as all your devices, all backed up and all totally secure through just one click on just activate to turn on.

If you lose your device and want all logins and more back to your computer that also help you to ride those types of a situation through their backups.

Which helps you to backups all your information and gives you all previously loss information.

Master Password Manager By Avast

This is the security section in which you can set up your master password because without it you are unsafe.


Because without it anyone can clearly theft your data when you away from your device and silently it theft all your data.

After the first, If you install it and install it in your browser then the second which is the more important.

And the main topic in avast Passwords review post is master password. Which is set your Avast master password and make password layer to everyone? It locks your avast password through that master card to prevent the guest from accessing your important data.

Such as logins, debit cards, credit cards, addresses, notes and more.

It also provides some advanced options which help you to set your automatic way to lock that application.

And use it as you need. In which you get options such as lock avast password after closing the application, lock it after closing the browser and you can use the timer for lock avast password.

With the help of this, You can save all of your logins and all passwords with-In just one password which called a master password.

If you want to download in this review post then you first need to install Avast free antivirus. Then you can easily add it trough theirs browser integration section and install the extension through their direct link.

I hope now you have more information about it all and hope the avast passwords review post provides more information. Which helps you to buy their plans.
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