Avast Secure Browser | Private & Secure Browser By Avast

Avast Secure Browser

The avast secure browser is the fastest, the safe and private browser which gives also the best user interface.

They provide many of the features which you need in the browser which helps you a lot for your security.

Especially, If you install their free antivirus by avast then it gives it through their antivirus software.

And another way is to go to their site and download it through their website.

This browser is only for your VPN privacy so you are in all-time private and no one can track you and all of your information is safe.

Such as your browsing history, emails, posts and more.

this browser hides you so no one can track you.

And the very important when he stops online viruses and scams such as malware, phishing attacks and more.

It also protects your device through those types of scams and frauds.

It scans your whole search result and stops those sites which are not safe and find as phishing frauds and more.

Avast Secure Browser

Like the above picture, you can see how many services you provide by an avast secure browser and find which it provides and best for your device.

It also provides features that help you a lot in this browser.

Such as anti-fingerprinting, anti-phishing, anti-tracking, stealth mode, https encryption, extensive guard, privacy cleaner, flash blocker, webcam guard.

And also new features such as webcam guard and hack check.

Video Downloader By Avast Secure Browser

Above all feature is provides more security for your browser.

And you can also stop their job when you don’t want their service.

As the example you not need anti-phishing then you can easily stop it through below the green icon.

With that, you can also download youtube, Vimeo videos through the video downloader feature.

It also provides a feature called avast HTTPS encryption if you enable that means you can open only visit HTTPS sites and blocks all that sites with HTTP.

This feature forces people to open HTTPS sites.

Avast Ad-Blocker

Also, it has own avast ad-block that means you can block all the types of ads that you see in the websites and youtube videos and more types of platforms that provide ads.

And it all blocks that ads which interrupt you and also stop auto-play videos which some sites providing and you can’t stop that video at this type of problem you can stop it very easily.

Webcam Guard and Anti-Phishing

The feature which provides information about which website access your webcam.

Extension guard which feature blocks all the extension which is an untrusted browser extension from installing into your browser and provide another layer of your protection.

Also, the best feature called anti-phishing feature which blocks all the dangerous websites from your searches and gives the red signal to not open that site.

Because of it dangerous and it easily theft your information.

Privacy Cleaner By Avast Secure Browser

This helps you to clean all the browsing history from the browser and provide another layer for your privacy.

Avast Secure Browser

And you can also see and read about the new feature by avast.

Above you can see the new best feature which called as webcam guard and hack check.

What is Avast Secure Browser?

Are you have the question about avast such as what is an avast secure browser.

Then here we answer that question as simple as the name of their name.

Such as browser and do that provides the right to access sites.

This is not more then this it’s the only browser that builds by avast and if you download.

It will automatically installed after the finish your installation.

And if you don’t want to install it through their antivirus program.

So, you can also download and install it through this link which is below the last paragraph.

Which downloads of the avast secure browser which provided by avast’s official site.

So, download it through this direct link which is below.

So, if you are in the past free antivirus called avast free antivirus then you definitely know about that browser.
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