How Can I Find My IP Address | See Your Public Address

There are many ways to find my IP address. But here we give you only two methods which can help you to find your IP address and Public Address and these two methods are easy and everyone can do it very easy and fast know Internet Protocol by just some simple steps.


And if you finding public IP address then that below the article. How do I find your Public IP which shows how you can find your public internet protocol when you connected through the internet connection.

Here we going to show you two ways to find out your addresses such as public.

How Many Ways To Find My IP Address?

For Windows Users

  1. Go to the start menu.
  2. Type cmd then hit enter.
  3. Then type ipconfig and hit enter.
  4. Scroll up and find IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

For MAC Users

  1. Click on the apple logo.
  2. Select search preference.
  3. The select network→internet and network.
  4. Then select which network interface connection to show you.
  5. Select WiFi or Ethernet and then get the IP address.
 With the above steps which provide information about heaving, you can find your IP address. Which is the best method and you can easily find it and no gives any error when you find it.

IPv4 & IPv6 Addresses

And also find your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. which located and find through the above methods and see which IP addresses you have.


And How To Find My Public IP Address

If you have Windows, Mac-OS, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad or any device so you can easily your Public address through this.

Google and Bing find your IP address and gives you your IP address. You just need to type my IP address, IP then it will give you your IP address. It’s the best, safe and fast method so we put it into first.

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In the above picture, we just type my IP and then google and Bing in just second gives you your result. This is the best method and everyone can easily find their internet protocol using this method.

A public IP address provides a public IP address that changed when you change your location. And also when you use VPN servers.

How Do I Find My IP Address you can use this method to all your devices through any browser and easily find the internet protocol.

So it will change your public IP address and no advertisers and no hacker knows where you are located and nowhere your public address.
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