What is Antivirus? | Why Anti-Virus Software for Your Devices

What is Antivirus

What is an antivirus? Nowadays a computer is nothing if it does not have Internet for the vast majority of users.

We have the need to be connected all the time either to talk with friends, share publications or be aware of the latest news and news.

While we are on the internet we have access to all kinds of files, some are beneficial and others are not.

Now, On The Topic What Is An Antivirus?

The objective of an antivirus is to eliminate any type of program from our computer.

That may cause us to execute an option that we do not want. The main objective is the theft of personal information.

They can access data such as our real address, our phone number, passwords and, in the worst case, have access to bank details and our Paypal account.

All computers must be protected against threats that may come from the Internet;

If you still do not have an antivirus it is convenient that you get one immediately.

A few years ago most of the antivirus that existed were paid. But you could always find a free one.
This is some popular Software Programs you can check out.

The problem is that it was not as complete as the previous ones.

Fortunately, this has changed.

Now we can find great antivirus, both free and paid. Which updated almost daily and ensure that. It protected against the latest threats.

When I say that harmful files can enter us. Not only refer to a computer or laptop.

But, also our mobile device/tablet can expose.

Yes, it is important to have an antivirus on our mobile to be able to analyze any file that comes between us.

We never know what exactly is that file that seems so funny sent through a group of WhatsApp or shared through social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

You have to be very careful.

We may think that a friend of ours would never send us a virus.

Probably never do it but most malicious programs (or malware) infect the computer causing you to share the publication with all your friends.

When they see it they will associate that it is good because you have shared it;

the problem is that just by clicking it again they will share it creating a chain reaction. Also favoring the expansion of this type of malicious file.

The best thing is to have adequate antivirus. And also be careful with the files that we accept on the Internet.
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