Is Windows Defender Good Enough To Protect Windows

The very basic question which is Windows Defender good or bad. Windows 10 provides all the protection against all types of protection. Such as antivirus, and more.

The now a day Windows Defender doing all works which highly paid antivirus total protection charge with you. It also provides a high-quality firewall which gives the best protection.


Windows Defender Is Good Enough To Protect Your Device

Also, their auto-update function which best and you don’t worry about their new updates and new protection. So you can stay updated to the latest version and also stay safe and secure.

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The Windows defender is the only one and you no need to install any other additional requirement for the run defender program on your operating system. No, any software requires for run Windows Defender. It’s all to build antivirus software.

What About Real-Time Protection

The talk about real-time protection. It provides you the best antivirus protection. It’s gives lightning fast protection and removes all types of treads. It also gives Ransomware. So you can keep safe your files and documents from these types of virus attacks.

It stays you safe and secure. You can easily turn off and turn on real-time protection through setting easily.

Setting Menu → Update & Security → Windows defender → Turn On & Off Real-Time Protection.


About Cloud-Based Protection

It gives better and fast protection by Microsoft cloud Microsoft protection. It’s simply best and good.
It gives the latest cloud protection also receives the latest protection against the latest trends on the internet.

And provides the best protection on your device through their behavior detection technology.

Parental Control By Windows Defender

The all-new updated provides you parental control in which you can control all the games,
In the new Windows Defender, you can use find my device option so if your device is stolen or lost then don’t worry because this feature gives you the right to erase all information on your computer or your Windows phone or phone’s map location information.

It also gives you an advanced firewall that keeps protect you from hackers or molecules or unwanted software which can theft your personal data such as credit card information, logins or more.

Now Is Windows Defender Good?

Also, It gives automatic update Windows so you never miss any important update and stay you up to date with the latest threads. It also gives all the features which you want in your day-to-day life and provides amazing protection in every way. So you can definitely use it on your computer.
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