Swiss VPN Download For Windows 10, 8 And 7

If you want to Swiss VPN Download? Let’s talk about their's amazing features which you need to know before download it. It provides an encrypted VPN tunnel from your devices to their data center as there you can access the internet. And offers all types of VPN protocols such as L2TP/IP-sec, SSL VPN (SSTP), OpenVPN, PPTP.


Swiss VPN Features And More

And as their official websites help questions we find they provide standard 15000/5000 kbps of speed. And if you want to upgrade then it will give you 30000/10000 kbps of speed. Also gives you to the five-speed booster for 1 month and each booster gives you 3 hours of boosting.

How to buy a Swiss VPN Download? buying their plans is quite at another type of buy their subscriptions at Swiss VPN Download you need to buy first your plans and then. It will give you username and password and your dedicated server which help you when you start your services.

Price & Payment Method

Also, Swiss VPN Download accepts your all types of payment options such as your American express, master-card, visa, post-finance plus, post-finance plus E-Finance, twins and also accept PayPal. And when you buy if you don’t have username and passwords then don’t worry about it. Because it gives you to first buy their plans and then they will contact you and gives you logins username and password. And also gives you your billing receipt through PDF.


They also give you to some help if you need some help such as how to change the password, is there a referral program, do you support IPv6, are higher speeds available and more.

Operating System Requirement By Swiss VPN

You can also connect your all devices such as all windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone/iPad, Ubuntu/Linux/Fedora. And also provides all features and also gives encrypted connection. Also, you can use their services worldwide. Swiss VPN Download website they did not specify their additional device connectivity information.

If you want to buy:- $6.00 Per Month (View Current Plans)

Swiss VPN Download:- It does not give you a trial version. you need to buy their subscription which cost approximately 6 dollars per month.

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