How Can I Take Screenshot On Windows 10, 8 And 7 OS

Are you Finding for how to take a screenshot on Windows 10, Windows 8 and 7 operating system then you have many methods to take the screenshot. You just need to follow the steps which we provide below in the article.

There is to the best method. Which is best for the take screenshot on your Windows operating system.

In this article, we’ll show you two best ways for how to take a screenshot. Here is the best and working process which you need to know about.

Take Screenshot On Windows By Keyboard Shortcut

With this method, You can use “Windows Key” with Print Screen (PrtScr) button.


Go to your keyboard and type “Windows Key” and press print-screen which located on the upper right side on the keyboard.

With this method, You take screenshot your whole monitor screen. You can edit or crop it after the screenshot.

This is the best and easy method if you struggling to find how to take a screenshot. In this article we will show you the methods through that you can know how to screenshot in just 3 minutes of time.

The second method is also useful if you can’t find screenshots button on your keyboard with that you can easily take a screenshot on Windows 10 or later OS. Or you don’t want to use your keyboard.

Use Snipping tool For Taking Screenshot

The second and easy method to take a screenshot on Windows.

Microsoft provides its users to take the screenshot as an advanced way in that way you get the various types of snips. Microsoft provides Snipping Tool only for the screenshot for your Windows.


How to use this tool? You need to press “Windows Key” or click on the start button then type the snipping tool.

After the open snipping tool click on the new button and select the area or crop which you want to screenshot on Windows. Also, draw something on the screenshot and rotate as you want.

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In the snipping tool, you can snip as various types. Such as free-form-snip, rectangular snip, Windows snip, and full-screen snip. You can also set time for your snip.

After the snip, You will get an advance function in which you can edit and modify your screenshot. It is the best way to take an advance screenshot on the Windows Operating system.

You can also draw circles and underline in your screenshot through the snipping tool. You can use the snipping tool in all your operating systems. Such as Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP and Vista.
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