How To Create Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive

If you want to create Windows 10 Bootable USB drive then you are at the right place. In this article, we’ll solve the problem which is how to make windows 10 bootable USB for your windows operating system.

Here is some step that you need to follow while you creating a bootable USB drive. The simple processes to do that easily. This way you will get the genuine windows.

The first step is to format your hard drive so you don’t get loss your data before the installation of bootable media.

Create Windows 10 Bootable USB

In this step, you can download bootable media drive through the link below. You need this tool to install Windows 10 on your PC.

This tool helps you to create bootable media. This is the way to make USB to USB bootable media.

Click on the button above and download the windows installation media file through the link above.

You no need to go to the Microsoft site and find this tool. Click on the button above.

Download that file which approximately 18 Mb of size.


After the download tools then you can run it on that file. And after the run, You get the screen which appears above.


Then you get need to accept all the terms and condition provided by Microsoft Windows 10.


After the accept terms and condition windows, 10 setups ask you to upgrade this pc now or create USB flash drive, DVD or ISO installation media file. If you want to download their installation media for another PC/Laptop.


If you want to update your pc so you can select the above option and click next. At this case, you need to select the second option then click next.


After the next screen, you get an option like the above picture. In that option, you can select which drive you want to install the bootable media. In this case, we go for the first option which is the USB flash drive option. As the below instruction you can use at least 8 Gb of free space while you using USB flash drive.


You can also use your DVD to burn the ISO file.


After the selecting USB flash drive, you get the screen that appears above the screen. In that screen, you need to select the location which your USB located. After the selection drive location click on next.

Select your USB pen drive after format because it automatically formats the USB drive and then creates bootable media. so be careful then do that step.

Conclusion And More

After that, all process did you will get the screen above the picture.

This is the last process which you need to rest to complete the downloading process.

It will take some time to depend on your internet speed. Usually, it takes 15 to 30 minutes of time.

Also, read the below posts.

After the installation, you can simply run that setup file and enjoy it. I hope this information guide you to boot windows 10 USB flash drive.

This is the way you get download genuine Windows 10 without going anywhere else.

Above all steps which gives you a complete guide to how to create Windows 10 Bootable media on the USB drive.
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