How To Create Windows 7 ISO File to USB or DVD

If you finding the solution for Windows 7 ISO file to USB flash drive. So here is the solution to the question. Here is the way you can create bootable media through the iso file.

You first need to open the website which provides. You download the Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool.

Download Windows USB/ DVD Download Tool

Open the above link and you can see the same as the picture appears. You need to click on the download button. As the picture below you can get through the link. You will get the options below the picture.

You can see the options such as languages by the countries. We just need to select our country language and then download it.

After you click on download then you will get options based on your countries. Then click on your country language.

After the click next, it will automatically start the download. It will take some time to download. You can directly download en-US .exe through this below Link.

Below Steps For Create Windows 7 ISO File to USB or DVD


Install that file and run. As the picture above you can browse your ios file and select.


After the selection of the file, you need to click on the next. You can also use this tool for Windows 8 and 8.1.


In this step, You can select your media types such as USB Flash Drive or DVD drive. In this case select to the USB Device. As the picture above you can see you get the options for your ios boot device supports.


As the picture shows above you can select your particular USB device to install iso file. Or if you use a DVD drive then you can select it through this Windows. After the select USB drive, You need to click on the Begin copying button which appears left bottom in that Windows.

Before the burning your USB or DVD you need to check-out your pen drive is formatted or saved and removed your personal information.

Also, visit the below links.

After the click on begin copying it will take some time. Also, after the task complete and now you can install the Windows 7 on your PC/Laptop.

You can easily install Windows 7 ISO Bootable media to your USB drive or DVD drive.
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