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Downloadbyme.com presents you with a new way of finding and downloading new software and finding the latest web applications. Our website specialized in providing you with the latest versions of hand-picked quality software for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems on a daily basis.

Top 10 reasons why you should choose DownloadByMe:
  1. Hand-picked quality software and apps.
  2. We cover Windows and Mac operating systems and the latest web applications.
  3. Daily updated new versions, icons, screenshots and features.
  4. Downloadable archives of old versions if you don’t like the latest version.
  5. Technical data, change logs and comments available for all programs.
  6. User-friendly interface design for better usability.
  7. Optimized pages for faster and better browsing experience.
  8. Fast downloads from our dedicated servers, each with 1Gb connection and resume support.
  9. All software/everything is tested and it’s 100% spyware and anti-virus free.
  10. Social networks, RSS feeds and Email Notifications will keep you updated with the latest versions.
& also provide an instant response when any problem with download links.
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